Harvard University: The Place Where the Past and the Future Meet

Harvard University is a legendary and prestigious private institution which was founded on September 8, 1636. Its mission is to advance science and education. Harvard strives to create innovation and be the best in all spheres.


This university disposes more money than all other universities in America. To be precise, its endowment amounts to thirty billion dollars. As a result, Harvard is able to create an excellent environment for study and work: high-level conditions for research, studying, living and communication.

Accommodation facilities on the territory of the university are very comfortable. Houses for students, Harvard business and medical schools and the University itself are located quite close to each other; there is an underground station nearby which makes visiting other locations in the city easy for the students.

This university encourages its students to express their ideas freely and to seek development in all areas. Still, only 6% of applicants are admitted, so it will be hard to get in!

Harvard University is a member of the prestigious and well-known Ivy League, a group of colleges, well known for their academics. Yale University, Princeton University, Columbia University, Brown University, Dartmouth University, University of Pennsylvania, and Cornell University also belong to that league.
The cost of attendance and accommodation is rather high (all things considered, one year in Harvard will cost you nearly sixty thousand dollars), but there are different opportunities to get financial aid. For instance in 2012-2013, 75 % of the new Harvard students received various grants and loans. The university has several museums, including a botanical museum with a collection of rare plants, zoological, mineralogical and ethnological museums. Harvard even has its own forest – an object of precise examination of biologists. The university also possesses a huge main library, several thematic libraries of rare and ancient books, medical books, etc.

Harvard gave the world the biggest number of Nobel laureates. That is why every year there takes place an antipode of the Nobel award ceremony, the Ig Nobel award. It is given to the scientists who produced the most hilarious scientific researches. Real Nobel laureates bestow the fake award to the winners. The whole ceremony is very funny, even grotesque.

Summarizing all the information, we must say that getting to Harvard and studying there is hard but it is absolutely worth it!