Stanford: A High-tech Residence of Successful People

Globally respected and well-known, Stanford University is located in the famous Silicon Valley of California. It is undoubtedly one of the world’s leading teaching and research universities. The main idea of Stanford is to prepare leaders and intellectuals who will be successful in the modern competitive world.


Stanford was founded in 1885 by Leland Stanford – a railroad owner and politician with the help of his wife, Jane. The family wanted to honor the memory of their beloved son, Lathrop Stanford, who died at young years. Until 1920, education at Stanford was free. After the Second World War, advanced local industry was built to support the university financially. Now it is known under the title of Silicon Valley. By the 1970s, Stanford has gained the status of one of the main national research institutions, specializing in mathematics, computer and social sciences, and natural sciences. It is inspiring to know that the alumni of Stanford have created a linear accelerator and developed the idea of ARPANET, the father of modern Internet.

Nowadays, Stanford is one of the top American universities. Stanford faculty and students have given rise to many famous and huge companies (including Google, HP, and Nike) which generate more than two trillion dollars every year. Stanford used to be the second home to thirty modern billionaires, seventeen astronauts, as well as eighteen Turing laureates.

Stanford comprises seven schools, where Sciences, Humanities, and Earth Sciences are studied together with Law, Business, Medicine, Education, and Engineering.

More than fifteen thousand students have chosen Stanford thanks to the superior quality of education here, beautiful campus and support of arts, represented by Stanford Lively Arts and Cantor Center. Every day the university hosts hundreds of intramural programs for students and special project teams. Since the year of 1912, the athletes from Stanford have won over 115 Olympic gold medals, the fact that reflects how active sports life is at Stanford.

Stanford has a very selective admission process, only 5% of candidates manage to get in. Students must have excellent academic results, be able to compete and have high scores in SAT or ACT exams.

The university provides its students with financial aid in the form of scholarships, federal grants and loans; it also gives students the possibility to work while studying.

All in all, Stanford is a superior university which is extremely hard to get into. Nevertheless, if you do succeed, you are guaranteed to have an interesting and prosperous life!