What is Princeton University: An Old Respected Scientist or an Ambitious Youngster?

Princeton is a private well-known research university in New Jersey. When we think of it, we think of unconditional quality, impeccable honor and high standards. This reputable institution was founded in 1746 and now rests on the fourth place in the list of the oldest US universities. The historical legacy of this university comprises over 250 years of sensible approach to education and a constant struggle for perfection.

Princeton University

Princeton is deeply committed to teaching all its undergraduates. Recently, this university has opened the doors for about five thousand of them. Who knows, maybe some of them will be as successful as James Madison, Woodrow Wilson, Brooke Shields or Charles Gibson? These well-known people, famous in different circles, once have been the students of Princeton University as well.

No surprise that this renowned Alma Mater permanently ranks among the best national and global universities. The university’s separate departments have also been highly distinguished. For instance, The Historical Department is now considered to be the first and the best in the world.

According to the historically conditioned rules of Princeton, all students must adhere to the Honor Code, set up in the year of 1893. The updated copy of this code can be found on the official site of Princeton University. Even a single failure to comply with this rules lead to the most unpleasant results.

Nearly all the Princeton students accommodate in the university area. This gives them many opportunities for personal development and a chance to take part in a number of extracurricular programs and activities.

More than two thousand scientific and research documents are annually published at Princeton. This university is also known for its unusual policy of financial aid. There are no loans, all the financial support is conveyed by the means of grants that are received by nearly 60 percent of incoming students. This helps the university to eliminate debts and encourage students to achieve maximum efficiency in their studies.
Princeton and its surrounding territory can be of value not only in terms of studying. It is very pleasant to walk around the narrow streets of the university area, surrounded by trees, small shops, cafes and parks. The atmosphere there is very relaxing and nice – perfect for resting after a long day of rigorous studying.

All in all, if you like the atmosphere of the past but at the same time want to acquire up-to-day knowledge and be successful in the modern world, Princeton University is definitely for you!