Winter is coming: what you should do?

завантаження (13)

The body needs to adjust to the winter diet, prepare for the cooling and dramatically reduce the number of sunny days, though it is a relief that you can simply buy coursework. With the onset of cold weather activates numerous viral infections, which meet with and get sick at this time, “the strength” to everyone. In addition, our bodies, according to their biological clock, is trying to “hibernate” in connection with a decrease in daylight. As a consequence there is the slowing of metabolic processes in the body. So, dear friends, it is becoming increasingly obvious fact that the human body to prepare for the winter a brand new coat in the closet is not enough.

Dress according to the season

Review your wardrobe. Before the beginning of the frost should be excluded hypothermia, wear hats and keep your head warm, and not do without a hat, because it prevents the hair retain its shape and volume.

If you will not postpone the changes for the better, and prefer a today, very soon, in addition to improve health, you will feel the joy of life and good humor. And this is the best remedy for the winter blues!

It is simple and delicious

If you feel that it is too cold – one day “relax” in the form of hot foot bath with herbals. It is good to drink green tea. Agree, drinking tea with friends – excellent preparation for winter. Hibiscus tea or hibiscus strengthens the walls of blood vessels, increases the overall tone, and citric acid, helps to stop the invasion of the weakened body of harmful bacteria and viruses.

With regard to nutrition, oranges, lemons, and kiwi fruit – all these fruits contain vitamin C, lifting the immunity. One kiwi has up to 250 mg of vitamin C – it is doubled daily rate. It replaces the content of a kiwi 2 oranges and 4 tomatoes. The same amount of fiber as half a grapefruit, more potassium than a banana, plus iron, phosphorus, magnesium, amino acids and antioxidants – perfect preparation for the winter.

Preparing for winter is not complete if you do not include in your diet oriental fruit, known by many names – Chinese peach, oriental apple, plum gods, or simply persimmons. This fruit – a guardian of various vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. In addition, the bright orange-red fruit is rich in beta-carotene, an antioxidant, slows down the process of aging of body cells. It also prevents the formation of malignant nature of the cells.

About the Author: Lilly Derter is a writer. She works on a freelance basis.